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No doubt you are a savvy businessperson looking for ways to accelerate your business and drive revenue. You realize video content is high-octane marketing fuel. You just need a production partner that will steer you in the right direction.

You’ve come to the right place.
Welcome to Blue Truck®

We are a lean and efficient, video production and marketing machine with a reputation for producing high quality, results-oriented content that fuels our customers’ success.

What’s your story? Share it in video™.

At Blue Truck® we are passionate about helping our clients gain a competitive advantage by leveraging the power of video and digital content. We understand that the number one reason companies choose to invest in video marketing is to generate revenue.

Video is an exceptionally effective and efficient marketing vehicle that enables companies to share their unique stories with the world, build brand equity and accelerate business.

Blue Truck’s custom films are designed with one key purpose in mind: To make your brand memorable.

Whether you are planning a new product launch, celebrating a milestone corporate anniversary, training employees or in need of a series of short films for social media Blue Truck drives video content with a vision of your brand’s success in mind.

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Inspiring Storytelling

Blue Truck® drives your business through the power of video marketing. Our writers and producers have extensive backgrounds in marketing, advertising and public relations, which makes us uniquely qualified to develop content that is congruent with your brand and sales strategy.

We are not just talented filmmakers; we are inventive storytellers and skilled, experienced marketers. 

Whether your goal is to launch a new product or service, increase brand visibility, generate sales revenue, train employees, provide product knowledge to customers, or communicate with investors and shareholders, video is an efficient vehicle for delivering strategic messaging to key audiences.

At Blue Truck we help clients express their core concepts and messages in custom films that communicate effectively with their audience while meeting the end business goal.

The Blue Crew is available world wide and standing by ready to deliver results.

What We Do

We provide turnkey media production and marketing services,
offering a single source solution for content development and distribution.

We work with customers from around the globe and from a variety
of industries including healthcare, pharmaceutical, enterprise,
entertainment, education and political.


Our detail oriented project managers oversee each project from concept, to creative, to completion -- on time, and within budget.


From logo and print design to 3D motion graphics, our creative types bring your brand to life visually.


From corporate communications to video scripting, our master storytellers write engaging and memorable content.


Our transcribers and linguists provide transcript and translation services enabling our clients to communicate globally.


Our production and technical geniuses are a full-service team that creates high-definition video and multimedia content.


Our audio engineers will bring music to your ears. We like the sound of creating custom audio programming for your brand.

What Our Clients Say

What’s your story? Share it in video.™